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David Sherrod

United States of America
2600+ Coaching Hours
6+ yr(s) Coaching Experience
36+ yr(s) Work Experience

David H Sherrod, Modern Day Alchemist

Advocate for your success; Ally in its pursuit. Modern Day Alchemist. ˙sɹnoʎ ǝƃuɐɥɔ noʎ dlǝɥ ǝɯ ʇǝl ˙ǝʌᴉʇɔǝdsɹǝd ʇnoqɐ sᴉ ǝɟᴉl

Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Executive Coaching, Facilitation, Group Coaching, High-Performance Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Legacy Coaching, Life Coaching, Mentoring, Mindset Coaching, Personality Assessment, Strategy Coaching, Team Coaching, Transition Coaching, Wellbeing Coaching, 360 Assessment

David is the founder of Multiply Your Impact, LLC. He is a Leadership & Executive Coach who empowers clients to utilize their unrealized potential through evaluation, experimentation, growth challenges, and intentional design. 

He leverages over three decades of experience as a manager of people in technology and product development to help leaders perfect skills which have the greatest impact on their organizations. David works with founders, aspiring & new managers, experienced leaders, and C-suite individuals, across 7 time zones. 

David’s coaching approach emphasizes collaboration and co-creation. He combines his background, formal training, and diverse interests into what he calls “modern-day alchemy” to spark transformative change in clients. He helps clients enlarge their comfort zones and discover ways to bring a sense of play to the challenges that confront them. Think of David as your unwavering advocate and trusted ally, dedicated to supporting and challenging you in healthy ways. Together you will craft innovative solutions, tackle challenges head-on, and refine your leadership capabilities. 

Throughout his career David has focused on helping individuals leverage their unique skills through significant improvements in their personal understanding and productivity. He has helped organizations of all sizes effectively impact their bottom line while strengthening their relationships with their team members and customers. David supports individuals and organizations in attaining alignment between their purpose and their actions. 

A lifelong learner, David holds professional certifications (HBDI Practitioner) from Herrmann International since 1998, when he formally began coaching individuals. He focused his Masters of Business Administration thesis on Learning Organizations, and has been applying his knowledge and experience to organizations and individuals ever since. David holds a CVPCC from the Center for Coaching Mastery at CoachVille, and a PCC from the International Coaching Federation. He is also a Higher Ground Leadership® Pathfinder and is Qualified to utilize the Lumina Learning Spark and CASTLE® Portraits. David is also a mentor coach and instructor at the Center for Coaching Mastery. 

Always challenging people to bring a spirit of play into their environments, David supports multiple charities with his bicycle — including century bicycle rides (100 miles) and antics like executing 10 daily workouts on a bicycle trainer sequentially in one day. He lives a nomadic life, traveling in his 5th wheel RV with his Pomeranian, Pumpkin. When he can get close to a soccer field to watch Columbus Crew, Barcelona FC, or Lionel Messi play for anyone, he’s there. 

Coaching Credentials

CVPCC, PCC, Higher Ground Leadership®, Lumina Learning, Herrmann International 
I have worked with clients at the following levels
C Suite, Director, President, Leader, Emerging Leader, Team Manager, Manager

My clients work in departments such as
Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Learning & Development, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Product, Quality, R&D, Regulatory Affairs, Sales

My clients work in the following industries
Apparel, Banking, Computer, Consulting, Consumer, Ecommerce, Education / Academia, Engineering, Entertainment, Executive, Financial, Food, Gaming, Government, Grocery, Health Care, Information Technology, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media, Not for Profit, Other, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Service, Software, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, Utilities

My Clients

Dan "Wes" Wesley, Founder, No Limits Hammer Harder
David took the time to educate himself about my business and me as a person. Resulting in a 100% customized, Concise, Practical, Business Specific Coaching Plan. This helped me navigate to the next level in business & life. Providing me with actionable weekly assignments. Offering a valuable 2nd set of eyes to help me break through some long-standing plateaus. Realigning my goal strategies. Executing short term goals and still making progress on long term goals in an expedited manner.

Bottom Line, this is Top Notch Coaching at an Executive level.

Joe Di Stefano, CVPCC, PCC Performance / Leadership Coach Strategic Leadership Academy, LLC
David has been a significant presence and positive force in my life over the months since he agreed to be my coach. His insights, perspective and support has been invaluable to me during a career transformation. Amazing to me was how quickly he connected with me. In the process of doing so, he created a safe, comfortable and productive environment; built on trust, respect and absence of any personal judgement. I look forward to discovering the possibilities for the future. Thank You Coach Dave!

Anonymous testimonials from past clients
David has helped me significantly throughout my entire Better Up coaching experience. His
insight has helped me regain confidence in myself and has helped regroup to help me be a
better leader to my team.

Throughout this process David has helped me tackle individual issues but more importantly helped me develop skills and a mindset whereby I feel capable of taking similar action on my own.

David is by far the best coach I have ever worked with. I have taken part in several leadership
development programs and have worked with several coaches in the past. With them I had
learned but never before has the experience changed my life. David has done just that in only a
few sessions. I look forward to the future growth and future life altering nuggets he will allow me
to uncover.

Every time I meet David I walk away energized to be better. David's approach is genuine and always on point. Every piece of advice or challenge David has given me has been spot on. Today I am a much better version of myself because of David! Thank you!!!!


CVPCC - CoachVille Center for Coaching Mastery
Higher Ground Leadership® Pathfinder - Secretan Center
MBA (Technology Management) - Franklin University. Thesis topic: Learning Organizations 
BBA (Information Systems) - University of Cincinnati.

Professional Experience

Corporate, Government, Entrepreneurial, Founder experiences.

Details available on LinkedIn and at //

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